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Frequently Asked Questions 常見問題

If you still have questions, please contact us for further assistance.


Step 1. Please click here to fill out the registration form.  Please provide a valid e-mail address in order to get real time alert or update in future;

Step 2. Please click here to select the subscription option  and make a payment.

Note: please allow us 24 hours (72 hours for weekend and holiday) to set-up your premium online account.  You'll receive an email with login instruction once it's done.


You may pay it online with your credit card or you may send us your certified cheque or money order in a registered mail. Please add 5% sales tax. If you'd like to wire transfer, please contact us for wire instruction.


Yes, you may pay your subscription by cheque, but only if you subscribe for 3 months or more at a time. This stipulation is made in order to save problems associated with the mail, as well as the additional legwork required to cash cheque and wait for them to clear at the bank. We prefer to collect payments electronically, so we offer users the choice of PayPal on our website. If you wish to pay by cheque or money order, send your payment for at least 3 months worth of the monthly dues made payable to "Capital Essence Corp." at the following address:

Capital Essence
10013 - 5576 Yonge Street
North York, ON
M2N - 0B6

Note: we do not accept personal cheque.


We hope you never do! However, when you feel you need to cancel, follow these steps:

PayPal users: Simply login to your own PayPal account and view your recent history. Click "Details" beside your last payment to us. The next page will have a "Cancel Subscription" button which will do the trick. You must do this in order to end your subscription to CapitalEssence.com, as an email notification to us may cause a delay. Remember, when you cancel there are no refunds (no exceptions).

Note: Your subscription will renew automatically at the beginning of each subscription period (monthly or annually), unless you terminate it. You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending an email message to [accountmanager@capitalessence.com] with the word "Subscription Cancellation" in the subject field in at least 5 business days prior to your subscription renewal date. As previously stated, fees cannot be refunded or prorated. You must cancel your subscription before it renews in order to avoid billing of subscription fees for the renewal term to your credit card. Again, no credit will be issued against unused subscription time. All sales of our products are final.. 


Please check Investment Blog, and we may also send out an e-mail to the e-mail address you registered on file.


No.  We're not a registered broker-dealer or financial advisor and hence, we do not offered any trading advices.


New rates will not affect existing subscribers until renewal dates.  Once new rates announced, subscribers or new comers may take the chance to prepaid or sign up for (another) new term to save with the current rate before the announced dead line expired.


Your subscription will automatically renew at the rates stated previously unless you cancel prior to the end of the billing period. By signing up products or services with automatic billing, you agree that charges will be billed to your credit card for the applicable pricing plan and any additional charges you may incur. Advance automated billing to your credit card will occur on a monthly or annually (depending on the term you have chosen) on the anniversary of the initial set-up and activation date unless other arrangements have been contractually arranged.


Special trial subscriptions require you, the participant, to provide the valid information in registration form. If you do not notice our Subscriber Services team to cancel your subscription prior to the end of the billing period, such as, if noted, at least 5 days before your current expiration date, your credit card will be charged in the applicable price for the term of subscription you chose. Monthly and annually subscribers may cancel without incurring further credit card charges, but will not be given pro-rated refunds. Some monthly or annually subscription may offer limited time money-back guarantees. These guarantee periods are not provided in addition to a special trial period. If you are given a 14-day money back guarantee, for example, and have signed up for a 7-day special trial, the guarantee is good only for 14 days -- NOT 21 days. We do not give pro-rated refunds after the applicable guarantee has expired. If you have already participated in a special trial for any term within this service, you are ineligible to receive an additional special trial. Special trial and some very discounted offers are non-refundable. Please read the promotion carefully.

All sales of our products are final.  Fees cannot be refunded or prorated.  You must cancel your subscription before it renews in order to avoid billing of subscription fees for the renewal term to your credit card.  Again, no credit will be issued against unused subscription time.


We are working to provide more products and services in future, and also produce more in Chinese as well.


The web site is always running well on the server unless there may be some technical maintenance or upgrade, which is very rare. If you find that the website can't be displayed from your PC, please double check with your ISP (Internet Service Provider, such as cable or  DSL, or Bell or others, etc.) first. You may ask them to double check whether they can surf our web site from their work stations, etc.  This will usually fix the issue.

At the mean time, please
contact us as well.  For paid subscribers, we'll e-mail the latest newsletter, if requested.


There will be additional a serial of FAQ coming soon.  Please check again later.  Please click here to submit your question. Thank you!


*Please note: Past performance should not be taken as an indication of future performance. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Holdings subject to change. 



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